Thursday, March 23, 2006

Userbar Maker

Userbars for all!

This site rules! Ever wanted a neat 'n clean signature, that looked nice, and you could customize it? If you've ever been to, you know about userbars. They're just what they sound like: customizable sig bars; they typically have a picture in them related to some text in the same box. Gradients show up on them as well, including grid lines and a reflection. The Userbar Maker creates these userbars with a pic of your choice on your HD, or anywhere on the 'net, and gives you options of text, gradients, and reflections for making your own sig. Then, you can directly upload them on Imageshack, or save them for another time. There's even a Userbar animator, for up to 10 bars in one gif animation (also customizable). Go...Now. :D

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