Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Year's

I had a great time New Year's Eve, when I helped host our annual Party. Nearly all of my closest friends showed up, and we all watched Advent Children (I have it on my HD now, don't tell anyone). Before that, I schooled people in Halo 2 again, and afterwards I finally had a D&D game. I was pretty much dull weight, but you won't believe the crazy stuff the guys did. Wendell just constantly beat up people, and stole a freakin' horse! Un-be-lieveableImage Hosted by

Otherwise, not much else to report that I haven't yet. Oh, wait! That's right, we're getting down to the nitty gritty (wtf did I just say?) on Thursday. I'm in the Robotics club, and our next meeting is the 5th. We're deciding a lot of things, and we get info on the bot building on the 7thImage Hosted by

That's all. Zero, out.

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