Friday, November 25, 2005

Happy Belated Turkey Day!

I've been sleeping way too much lately. I guess that's just me enjoying my 5 days from school. I finally got some more sprites out of the way, but I'm still not done with Sniper Joe yet, and no other characters are finished. I still have no story for it, eitherImage Hosted by

I'm kinda spread out over everything right now. I'm working on my christmas list, while working on my desktop, righting this post, and just last night I finished Indigo Prophecy when I rented it Tuesday. Before that, I beat Path of Neo, my clan's thinking about some Counter-Strike gaming, and I want to get back to all of my PC games, including Maplestory. Trying to beat Kingdom Hears again as well, and we're doing shopping tomorrowImage Hosted by

If I have time, I'll work on a Path of Neo reviewImage Hosted by

OK, that Soul Caliber III review:

Graphics: These are some of the cleanest graphics I've seen on Playstation 2, period. Every detail is shiny and detailed. There are a lot of differences between the characters besides the weapons they use. Speaking of the weapons, once again, beautiful. Expected from previous SC games, but even the shop characters were unique. There's even an option to change the colors of the main character's costumes. Ingenious. The Custom Character story mode's models were detailed too, considering how small and insignificant they were.
[5 out of 5]

Sound: Battle-wise, the weapon clashings were perfect with every hit, deflect, and counter. Voices, however...well, they were great considering it's a fighting game. However, definetly not the best. I'm just glad they focused on a lot more things than the voices. There just wasn't enough Create-a-Character voices, though. There were 4 per gender, which means any characters not a part of the main cast sounded pretty much the same. However bad the English was (there were just too many corney puns), I got used to it, so the Japanese didn't do it for me (had I used Japanese instead, it'd probably be visa versa).
[4 out of 5]

Gameplay: Versus was fantastic. Playing against another person just seemed so natural, as it is in many fighting games for me. This just fitted perfectly, as it should. The whole parrying thing was never my "cup of tea", though. Making any attempts at it only got me killed, so I lost a lot of the experience with what seemed to be a key tactic in the game. I always liked any Creating modes, whether it's tracks, people, moves, or designs on clothing. I just wish you didn't have to unlock every single piece of clothing through the single player games. Which brings me to my temper from last post. If there was ever a game where I think my heart would burst from high blood pressure, it's this game. The difficulty level is through the charts! All I wanted was to unlock stuff for my custom character, but it was such a chore! The Tales of Souls mode was understandably difficult (it's pretty much the same for all 3D fighting games), but that RTS emulator was too extreme. Pretty much, if you didn't want to lose, you had to personally fight every single character and beat them, because they were always stronger than you, so you can't beat them on the field. What's the point of the field, then? Not to mention your level 10-20 guy or girl barely has a chance against the level 30 characters, just because they dodge and block every attack and then proceed to kick your ass across the floor and off the stage. Why did my level 15 Monk have to fight a level 60 SC Main Character (OK, he didn't have to, but if you want to unlock everything, you pretty much have to)? The mini-games seemed a bit pointless, but fighting a giant statue is always fun...
[4 out of 5]

All in all, get this game if you can handle the difficulty and you have friends to play against. I may be a bit biased because of my suckiness in the game, but it's still fun. Don't give it to a new person for Christmas, though, as they may throw it in the air and shoot it with a shotgun after playing for two days. I'll stick with my 2D fighters, thanksImage Hosted by

Soul Caliber III (PS2): 4 out of 5

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Ok, Soul Calibur III is such a bitch..Image Hosted by

Sorry to start off on a bad note, but I am so pissed at that game right now...It's great, don't get me wrong, but it's just so damn difficult! I'll have a review by the end of the week. On that note, I think I'll start reviews of my games and the ones I rent. I've gotta find a way to make a list of the games, without taking up too much room on my sidebars. Meaning this may end up in another place (the reviews, anyway).
I've got school in the mornin', so I'll update later. I'll also get some artwork on Devart, and maybe submit something to as well. This week's got a lot of stuff planned out for me. Oh, and I've gotta change that slogan up top... It's just not fitting anymoreImage Hosted by

Monday, November 07, 2005

DeviantArt Account

I finally decided to get me a DeviantArt account yesterday. It's not much right now, but at least I'm noticeable on the site now:

All I have up right now is a screenshot, but I hope to have an old piece of art on by the end of the week. DeviantArt has been my good friend for a while, and I know at least one person with an account: William ( He is the art guru in my classes...period. Gary's a close second, hopefully he's gonna get an account, tooImage Hosted by

I'm a little bummed out about my grades right now. I'm still averaging out a B overall, but I have a D in my Pre-Calculus class. I do not want to fail any class, as it's my ass out the window if otherwise. I guess it's understandable, though (least I hope so), since it is one of the hardest classes in the school. Our teacher is often hard to understand (not a fluent English speaker), and our textbooks are horrid, but she knows my mom...which is never good. My brother took her exact same class, so he knows, which is both the problem and a solution. But, as long as it doesn't effect my gaming intake, I'll put what has happened behind me and try harder. I'm starting to get it now...I hope..Image Hosted by

As you can see, I'm using different emoticons again. If this system works, we won't have movin' ones, but we'll have minimal ones. They look good so far, and fit my site theme at least. Let's try them for a while. Zero out. (emoticons were created by Beccary, used from her generous free distribution. No credit goes to all...period. If the emots stay, credit will be displayed on the sidebar.)