Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I know I've posted too much already this week (runnin' out of stuff to talk about), but I wanted to wish everyone a happy Halloween. I'll probably forget later on. I'm goin' to William's (a friend from middle school and since) house for a Midnight Hallo Gaming session (and not Halo!). I'm bringin' my "new" digital camera with me, since we got a new one this week. I'm using the old one from now on (unless I'm taking pics at a party
Mom goes to...curse underage and unemployment). I still got that SD card from when I made a mistake in picking up the wrong memory stick (it was for my PSP), so I guess we're using it now. Thank you, coincidence!
...and how many times did I use parenthesis just now?

You guys know me by now. I like trying new stuff. Today, it's new emos! I'll start using text emos and face ones. This is a test run.

Ok, I'm out. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by [I forgot who did the text ones, but they weren't by me. The faces were done by darkmoon3636@Deviantart.]

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