Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gamer Update

I went over my dad's old high school friend's house. She has a kid about my age, with all 3 systems. Already I was glad we weren't the only ones with all 3 consoles. His Playstation is even broken (like mine)! Anyway, I got him addicted to Phantom Dust, just like everyone else that's played. And he was pretty good. Kicked my tail a couple of times (still owned him, though).

Decided I'm waiting for the video card. Not really buying anything that needs it right now. Now what I'm picking up next is Def Jam: FFNY. It's less than 20$, so heck yeah. Also, gotta make up meh Christmas list soon. Not buying anything else till after the Holidays (besides gifts...).

Still grabbing sprites for my flash, and workin' on the story. Gotta go now, I got school in 5 minutes. Cya!

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