Tuesday, August 23, 2005


OTAKON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Video games galore, and even more anime!! I'm gettin' my tickets early next year!

I've got T-Shirts, a poster, Gundam Models (cheap), and a friggin' wooden sword. Not to mention some good memories. A lot of people were very friendly, I really enjoyed myself. Didn't get to do everything I wanted, probably because I wasn't prepared for it. Me and my brother got lost constantly.

On another note, I just got Phantom Dust for the XBox. Found out about it at Otakon. It's just addictive from the first moment in. The single player is ok, but the multiplayer is what got me. All I need now is XBOX Live. Problem is, no credit card...or any other funds whatsoever (Thanks to Otakon). Just have to wait till next month.

I've been getting lazy about the comic. Can't think of a good story yet. I'll fill ya in when I get it. Still need somewhere to post it, though, not to mention I need to learn web code.

For some reason...I still can't get a working LiteStep popup.rc up and running. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, unless it doesn't recognize shortcuts. If I can get one up (and I find a matching skin), I can finally release my milk screen shot. The main problem I've been having is finding systask icons that fit the theme, and replacing them with reshack. Soon as that's done, I'm posting it.

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