Monday, July 04, 2005


Happy 4th of July to everyone, to start things off. Hope you see your fireworks and everything...'cause I'm staying home watching House of Flying Daggers, in my AC house, with my PC. This is definetly "me" time right now, yet I spend some of it with you. Aren't I generous? :P

The 4th is just...non-existant in my house right now. Just yesterday, I went to a house-warming cookout for my Uncle TL. And boooyyyy do we have a family. Yet, for some reason, there was only my friend, Wendell, and my cousin Justin that were about my age. All of the other kids were either younger than six...or acted like one. All day I ran in and out of the house, either grabbing bites to eat, setting it on tables, or being messenger-boy. The plus to all of this...My Unc's 50+ inch Widescreen HDTV! Half of the day we spent playing Super Smash Brothers on the Gamecube. Shweeeeet.

After it all, we left the party...and got lost in Red-Neck woods. You see...the house is in Southern Penn, where there is more farm and forest than civilization. One wrong turn, and we lost my aunt's car, who was guiding us to the Interstate. So, we ask for directions. Another wrong turn after that led us to the highway with no access and a friend's car's nearly empty tank. We find a gas station, fill up our friend's tank, and finally get good info on where to go. Then that same car winds up nearly getting hit by a freakin' 18-wheeler carrying gasoline! It was going slow, but the driver had no patience whatsoever, we had to yell at him to stop!

After all of that, we get home, and sit in the living room for 10 minutes, no TV or anything...just completely dead on our butts. I envy my Uncle's house; I do not envy where he lives.

The tournament the day before went quite well. There wasn't a lot of people, but it was pretty fun. OK, back to Daggers. Out.

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