Thursday, July 14, 2005

Otakon, and How it Taunts Me

I really wanted to go to Otakon. It would have been my first time. Buy a few things, get some signatures, maybe meet a few friends. But my one way of getting on, my one ticket to my first anime too old for me. Credit cards suck, 'cause I can't use them...legally, anyway. Now, if it was my choice, I'd already be in my tent, waiting outside the door.

OK, that's a bit too far.

But my parents are worried that I'll be out too long in the sun or I'll run out of money for food or I'll get lost. Baltimore City is not that big, it's at the Convention Center (which is right next to the Bay), there are shops at the bay, and I'm never the one to run out of money for food. Never in a million years.

Prices go up tomorrow, which means an extra 5 bucks on the 50 already on the price. Which, for some reason, is too much for my parents. Which is just another excuse to keep me home. There's always next year, I guess. And I know they mean well. For my safety, you know...

Also gives me time to work on my cosplay costume I want to wear.

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