Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just a Whole Lot of Stuff

Sorry about a late update, just got back from a family cookout we had over the weekend. It was pretty cool, but I also missed a clan match. I think we had to forfit that one, unless someone magically became free to play (everyone had something to do besides 2 people). Not much for me to talk about right now, except that I'm going on a cruise next week (so don't expect an update). I am pissed that I lost my memory card though. It had all my Online stuff on it, dammit! All my cars on Burnout 3 are gone, my Ratchet & Clank files gone, THUG 2 gone, SSX 3 gone, my network connection...crapped up. Praying I find it when I go back down to my dad's for the trip. Oh, and I still haven't gotten those tickets to Otakon yet, as my parents are fearing it'll run into our vacation week. I may get them yet, but it's still in the air.

One more thing...

I think I'm gonna start a Megaman X sprite comic (don't care how many times it's been done) with an actual plot starring Sniper Joe. Just have to come up with a story first.

One more thing...

I have a stupid summer break reading assignment to do as well. They freakin' mailed it to us! Messed up. I got until September 30th to read two books out of the five on the list that came with the assignment, so I can't just say I didn't get the notice ('cause there'd "still be time for me to read" as my teacher would say).

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