Sunday, July 31, 2005

Otakon UPDATE!!

YES! It's finally happened!! I'm officially headed to Otakon! We got the tickets a couple of days ago. Just wanted to let ya know that. I'm down at my dad's right now, so I can't do much. I'll update next Sunday. See ya then!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Just a Whole Lot of Stuff

Sorry about a late update, just got back from a family cookout we had over the weekend. It was pretty cool, but I also missed a clan match. I think we had to forfit that one, unless someone magically became free to play (everyone had something to do besides 2 people). Not much for me to talk about right now, except that I'm going on a cruise next week (so don't expect an update). I am pissed that I lost my memory card though. It had all my Online stuff on it, dammit! All my cars on Burnout 3 are gone, my Ratchet & Clank files gone, THUG 2 gone, SSX 3 gone, my network connection...crapped up. Praying I find it when I go back down to my dad's for the trip. Oh, and I still haven't gotten those tickets to Otakon yet, as my parents are fearing it'll run into our vacation week. I may get them yet, but it's still in the air.

One more thing...

I think I'm gonna start a Megaman X sprite comic (don't care how many times it's been done) with an actual plot starring Sniper Joe. Just have to come up with a story first.

One more thing...

I have a stupid summer break reading assignment to do as well. They freakin' mailed it to us! Messed up. I got until September 30th to read two books out of the five on the list that came with the assignment, so I can't just say I didn't get the notice ('cause there'd "still be time for me to read" as my teacher would say).

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Otakon Update

Everything I just said last post, scratch it off. Seriously, I may still have a chance at going! My mom's gonna pay half for me and half for Dorion (My brother), so he may yet decide to come with me, thus getting me into Otakon!!! Just gonna have to wait and see (and prayImage Hosted by

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Otakon, and How it Taunts Me

I really wanted to go to Otakon. It would have been my first time. Buy a few things, get some signatures, maybe meet a few friends. But my one way of getting on, my one ticket to my first anime too old for me. Credit cards suck, 'cause I can't use them...legally, anyway. Now, if it was my choice, I'd already be in my tent, waiting outside the door.

OK, that's a bit too far.

But my parents are worried that I'll be out too long in the sun or I'll run out of money for food or I'll get lost. Baltimore City is not that big, it's at the Convention Center (which is right next to the Bay), there are shops at the bay, and I'm never the one to run out of money for food. Never in a million years.

Prices go up tomorrow, which means an extra 5 bucks on the 50 already on the price. Which, for some reason, is too much for my parents. Which is just another excuse to keep me home. There's always next year, I guess. And I know they mean well. For my safety, you know...

Also gives me time to work on my cosplay costume I want to wear.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I know it's been a while since I updated, but I got Guild Wars last weekend. That should be reason enough right there. I haven't played anything else besides my PSP since. And I don't plan to, 'cause I'm getting my butt kicked now. Not gonna take that lying down. And guess what? I'm getting Battlefield 2 next.

Yeah, my spare time is gonna go straight down the tube.

Also, I'm thinking about finally killing my Hamtaro Fanfiction. I just can't think of anything for it, and I'm gonna work on my RPG now. That in itself is a story times two (sidequests, ect.). I may update once a month...but that's about it.

Oh, and have I mentioned my hobby? I do Desktop Customization now. Pretty much, I make my desktop look nice to follow a theme, then I go and submit it on Getting better at it, too. I've done at least 11 works now, including the one I'm using right now (which looks like Microsoft's Longhorn OS, only white and not see-through). It took me all night, and I must have about 15 sources for it. You'll see it on Customize when I upload it: look for Zero_Armada as the creator. That's me. ^_^

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Monday, July 04, 2005


Happy 4th of July to everyone, to start things off. Hope you see your fireworks and everything...'cause I'm staying home watching House of Flying Daggers, in my AC house, with my PC. This is definetly "me" time right now, yet I spend some of it with you. Aren't I generous? :P

The 4th is just...non-existant in my house right now. Just yesterday, I went to a house-warming cookout for my Uncle TL. And boooyyyy do we have a family. Yet, for some reason, there was only my friend, Wendell, and my cousin Justin that were about my age. All of the other kids were either younger than six...or acted like one. All day I ran in and out of the house, either grabbing bites to eat, setting it on tables, or being messenger-boy. The plus to all of this...My Unc's 50+ inch Widescreen HDTV! Half of the day we spent playing Super Smash Brothers on the Gamecube. Shweeeeet.

After it all, we left the party...and got lost in Red-Neck woods. You see...the house is in Southern Penn, where there is more farm and forest than civilization. One wrong turn, and we lost my aunt's car, who was guiding us to the Interstate. So, we ask for directions. Another wrong turn after that led us to the highway with no access and a friend's car's nearly empty tank. We find a gas station, fill up our friend's tank, and finally get good info on where to go. Then that same car winds up nearly getting hit by a freakin' 18-wheeler carrying gasoline! It was going slow, but the driver had no patience whatsoever, we had to yell at him to stop!

After all of that, we get home, and sit in the living room for 10 minutes, no TV or anything...just completely dead on our butts. I envy my Uncle's house; I do not envy where he lives.

The tournament the day before went quite well. There wasn't a lot of people, but it was pretty fun. OK, back to Daggers. Out.

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