Saturday, June 25, 2005

Stories in Code and Print

OK, that whole PSP - PC thing, got it figured out. So, not worrying about that anymore. I'm gunning for Half Life (so I can get Counter Strike) and Darkstalkers for the PSP next. My clan has this wicked CS server with a Warcraft 3 RPG Mod on it. Can't wait to check that out. Speaking of RPG Mods, I'm starting to get really interested in the Disasterous Concequences UT2K4 Server, 'cause it has...duh, an RPG Mod! I'm lvl 13 right now, and my arse is getting kicked in 15 directions. :(

All of this RPG stuff leads me to comics. How does it lead me to comics, you say? Well, I'm reading 3 VERY good comics: RPG World, 8-Bit Theater, and Dominic Deegan (just google them, I guarrentee you'll pick them out in seconds). RPG World is my latist comic right now, as I'm still in the archives (comic #400, though...lot of spare time). It's pretty much a comedy based upon every stereotype of a standard RPG to date, but it's done very well, and updated quite often. And at least half of the stereotypes are true in RPGs!

8-Bit Theater is another comedy pager, but whatever kind of plot it has (unlike RPG World and Dominic Deegan) it can fit on the head of a nail. It's just flat-out randomness, wierdness, and "explosion-ness" (did that last one make sense?). You'd really have to check it out in order to understand it. :D

Finally, Dominic Deegan. This is by far one of the best Webcomics I have ever read in my life. The plot is trememdously thick, the artwork is brilliant, the characters are very in-depth and are re-hatched in many unique ways, and it's updated pretty much every day now! That seems almost impossible, but somehow, this guy knows his techniques! There are fantasy elements (such as magic, magician schools, mystical creatures), and a few RPG techniques, this is by no means a telling of a game. I swear, I will never un-bookmark his site.

I know I haven't mentioned this, but I have a fanfiction based off of the Anime show "Hamtaro" (...I could't resist. They're just so damn cute!), which also employs the Legend of Zelda gaming series. It's called Hamtaro and the Ham of the Past (unique title, huh?). It's been down for nearly a year, but I just got chapter 4 and 5 up on my Rise of the Flame Volume (that's right, there is more than one volume, and there will be more) at Check it out if you get the chance.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

PSP and PC

I got my PSP!
I got my PSP!
I got my PSP!
Can't wait for PS3!

I did a AquaMark3 Benchmark of my PC, to see how good it was actually able to play games...I got an 8,000. That's just barely over Medium settings! I wanted a gaming PC...I feel like I got ripped off. My clan leader got an 85,000 on her updated PC. I just wish I had some more cash for these cards and stuff...or at least knew how to install them and overclock my cards.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Coming of Age

Looks like both me and my clan are getting old. Clan's goin' on it's first full year on July 1st. My birthday's on the 21st. Just thought I mention that. Also, if anyone knows how to configure the popup.rc file in litestep through a txt editor (or knows a program that can do that), please leave a comment under the post. Thanks!

My character's gotton to lvl 20, and thanks to some selling via PBay (Perion Market), I got some casual wear too. :D

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

...Oh, Boy...

My hoster got webspace is gone...just two more pieces of crap on my front lawn. I'll be sticking around here for a while, until I find a new host...after completing my site format. There is still good news, howerver: my brother finally got his new computer, I only have 1 more day of school, and my birthday's next week! Oh, and TrackMania Sunrise is, 9 times out of 10, goin' back to the chopshop (no pun intended). Game is just too bland for my taste. Till Next Time!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Yay and Boo (Mostly Yay)

...Finally...the war is over...finals are finally done!!!!!!!!!

Thank god for that! Being held up in a classroom with no noise whatsoever for 90 minutes in a non-AC room...just doesn't make sense. And we had to do it 7 times in 3 days! That's note one. I still have two more days of school after that, but it's just for parties and goodbyes. My friend Wendell had his belated birthday party today (finally, he postponed twice), and we went to Jillians with some friends of ours from middle school. I also got to play Ridge Racer on the PSP on Friday...I must have it!! I should get PSP on my birthday (how many times have I posted that?), so it's coming, sooner or later. I also got TrackMania Sunrise for the PC. Haven't installed yet, but the demo was great, because I'm in to customized tracks (played with those slot-car tracks when I was young).

On a sadder note, my friend Gary's 2nd floor burned down...I think last week. He lost a lot, including his computer. I just hope he gets another soon...he still seems upbeat, though. Also, the clan has been having a bit of frustration over competition, and a couple of jackasses that have been raiding our servers. This should be fixed up in a while.

Oh, and before I forget, I just found out a couple of moments ago via email that this "grand 2D game" I've been hearing about is up on the internet. It's called Magiknights, I believe. I'll give it a try, but I doubt it's better than Maplestory, which I'm now lvl 18 on.

On a final note, the website is coming on a bit slow. I'm having trouble working with some templates I found, and it's pushing back my release date. I also have to put the files up on the server, the images...just a whole lot of stuff. See ya soon, tekies, and be sure to never put on sunblock: you won't need it in your AC'd room.

P.S: From now on, when I update, I'll post an image of my MapleStory Avatar. Here his at about what he looks now.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I'll be updating my blog officially by next week, I'm in finals right now (and a cram session at that). Also, my new website should be up just after my birthday (June 21st), so start looking around about then. Hopefully I'll have the PSP to rant about, not to mention some new games.