Saturday, May 21, 2005

Oy...HSAs Suck...

I've got HSA (High School Assessment) tests next week, so everything will be going a bit slower. No real updates, really, except I should be getting Track Mania Sunrise soon. It's a Racing game for the PC, and the demo is pretty fun, too. Website's still not up yet, either, so that's still gonna take some time. Otherwise, that's it. See you next week.

Monday, May 16, 2005

WOO HOO! New Site on the Way!

I finally found a good web host for my new site. Under the same name as my blog, consider it a site that will relate to video games and tech. It should start personal, at first, but hopefully by the year's end, it will have enough viewers to go community. Also, there are no ads forced by the site...but I may have one or two for a bit of income. I hate ads too, though, so don't expect popups...probably a small bar at the bottom of the site with ads. The site has 250 MB of storage, so expect some downloads, too. This is gonna freakin' rock!

It's just a temp page right now, and the url is a bit long (have to see if I can shorten it), but here it is:

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The MP Players Cometh...Again?

MapleSEA has their final Beta signups going on today. Not sure how long they'll be up, but be sure to visit them NOW! And I mean NOW!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Wierd Dream...

Ok, last night, I dreamed that I was in school (already a nightmare, isn't it?), and I went to use the bathroom. Next thing I know, I see a bunch of students already in there...with a desk? There was food around too...ugh, I just thought about how messed up that food is in a bathroom. I didn't ask, and I was about to leave, when one of them asked me if I was a snitch, or a spy for the school. I said no and walked back to the door...then an old friend of mine blocked the know what, I'll just make that a preview. I'm gonna start a new story based on that. Can't believe I've finally broken my year-old writer's block!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

MMO Rampage! -And Other Games

OK, for those who are still reading, I've got some great games to tell you about...and a couple that aren't so good.

First off is ROSE Online, also known as Rush on Seven Episodes. A free 3D MMORPG that has my mind blown from coast to coast! This is by far one of the best free MMOs around, by far. There is a lot of customization, fighting is pretty simplistic, Guilds and Clans are fully supported, and there are a bit of side things in it as well, such as go-carts! Monsters are pretty unique (the first enemies you fight are jumping beans with faces, limbs, and a headband), and all the equipment fits the theme of the game - simplistic fun! You really have to play it to understand it, but considering that it's free, there has to be some sort of catch...well, there is. The servers are often VERY full, and there are only 3. When you play, make sure it's for a long session, 'cause you won't get on every 5 minutes.

Next up is ASDF Hoverboard. It's kinda hard to classify this as a MMORPG only because it's more of a racing game, and no, you're not traveling around worlds looking for competition on a board. There are tracks, tricks you can do with the ASD&F keys (figures, huh?), up to 8 players per race...there's some customization, but you don't really need equipment because a lot of the winning comes from skill, not stats. So...just visit the site & check it out.

d.o. Online is another MMORPG (only thing I don't like about them is typing the MMO thing) in 3D. This one, however, is based on Chinese mythology, with the whole Ki thing going on. It's a pretty basic game, but it's still playable.

And then we come to the crap. Monster & Me is some sort of pet-raising MMORPG, but the make up of just the very beginning is a real turnoff. Text seems to be done very sloppily, and I haven't even learned how to capture monsters in order to raise them, which is pretty important, considering the point is monster raising. It all just seems a bit thrown together, and the worst of it is, if you don't know where to download, you'll be waiting for it to download for +50 hours! This game needs to be off-limits, yellow tape and all. I'm not even gonna offer a link because of the crappiness!

Now, two games that have me hooked right now are Little Fighter 2 (for some better info, check out Robotical World) and Soldat. Little Fighter 2 is a 2D Beat-em-up game in the light of Super Smash Brothers, Final Fight, and Dragon Ball Z. It's a bit quirky to figure out, but when it works, it works. The action is fast and furious...did I mention fast? And it's VERY hard to master...I still get my butt kicked on easy mode! It can go multiplayer with 4 players on a keyboard on one PC, or up to 8 online. One thing about the online, though: you need to know the IP of the person (or people) you're playing with. There is no server list or gatherings on one server; it's direct person two person (P2P) gameplay. Soldat, as I've heard, is a very popular 2D shooting game, with the most simplistic controls an online game can get...but I'll be damned if you'll master it in 2 months, much less two days! It's still addictive, especially when you get out a shotgun hit at point blank! Friggin' shweet!

I have a couple of other games stored away right now, but I'll go over them later. Until next time, folks!