Friday, April 22, 2005

RTCW In a Hair!

Today was a pretty sweet day in the office for me. At exactly 9:02 PM, I bought my copy of RTCW for the PC. Considering that EBGames closes at 9 PM, I shaved it past the skin. And no one else had the dang thing! Can't use EBay, Amazon would have come too late, and no one else sold it in a 24-hour period. After about an hour of searchin', I finally found it in a store about 16 miles away from me. We were to leave at about 7-8...until an accident stopped us flat (or at least my ride from getting home). We actually broke speed limits just to get it (although other cars were going at about the same pace...which kinda worried me...)! Finally got there, door was locked. We started to bang on the door, and the sales clerk went to the, he didn't pull out a shotgun. Customer opened the door, we went in (of course, there was another worker there who completely ignored us...). Clerk came back with the Platinum Pack (lucky I called a bit in advance...if you call 2 minutes advance), and we were out of there. I'll be makin' another post tomorrow, got a gaming party tomorrow at noon (which is why I went through this chaos in the first place). Until then, folks...

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